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Your Foundation Is How To Change Your Future

All failure is foundational.  Whether it is your marriage, your ministry, or your money, it all comes down to one issue:  “foundation repair.”

Jesus said that a wise man “digs deep” and builds on a foundation.  A foolish man builds on the sand.

I have found this to be the single greatest predictor of my success:  “how deep is the foundation.”

My personality is visionary.  I love to envision something and GET STARTED.  That sounds great until the project implodes 2-3 years down the line.


1.     Slow down.

  • Building on sand is quicker.  It costs less money (you think).  Most of my mistakes have been through haste, hurry, and excitement.
  • Don’t take short cuts.  They don’t save you time, they cost you time.  A well-thought out plan is a well-executed plan.  So…

2.    Think it through.

  • Success is about seeing the end.  It sees ALL the possible outcomes and makes a strategic decision.
  • Jesus said that a fool starts to build a tower and does not see if he has enough money to finish it.  Thinking it through lowers your stress!

3.    Consult an expert.

  • The foolish man thinks everything is easy.  He doesn’t need counsel or professional input.  “Who needs engineers and architects.  Anyone can build a house…
  • Why do we think we can get married with no pre-marital counseling?  How can we start a business with no business training?  How can we manage finances with no financial info?  Why do we start a family with no idea how to raise children?  Oh, yes, I forgot… “It’s a breeze.”

4.    Check for cracks.

  • Cracks in your foundation need “foundation repair.”  They may be emotional cracks from your parents’ divorce.  They may be rejection from a deep disappointment.  They may be fear from a moment of panic.
  • “Dig deep.”  Find those deep instabilities that affect your leadership and repair them.  Read Scripture, read books, and focus on overcoming that structural weakness.

5.    Weather the storms.

  • We built three crosses in front of our church, the tallest being 150 feet.  The foundation was 45 feet deep!  Why?  We prepared for hurricane winds of 160 mph. and gusts of 200 mph.
  • Jesus said wind, rain, and floods would come to test the foundation of everything you do.  “Dig deep.”  There’s a lot of life to weather.  Go back if you have no foundation in your life and start at first grade.  How would you go through life with no knowledge of math, science, and spelling?

Whatever you are doing right now, ask yourself this one question:  “How deep is my foundation for this endeavor?”

Backing up, digging deep, taking time, spending money, making effort for the “invisible” will mean success in the “visible.”

God wants you to succeed in everything you do.  He told us exactly what to do in order for that to happen:

“Dig deep.”

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