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Why We Fall Short of Ephesians 3:20

If Ephesians 3:20 is true then why do we fall short of it so many times, here are a few thoughts…

#1 – We believe that God has great plans for other people but not for us.  (Believe it or not…He has Ephesians 3:20 plans for YOU!!!!)

#2 – We want a detailed explanation from God, expecting a complete/detailed outline that lets us know what is going to happen.  (Uh…this never happens, that is why it requires faith to follow Him!)

#3 – We desire to “take up our mattress” rather than taking up our cross, believing that God would NEVER ask us to do anything that might be uncomfortable!  (Truth…the resurrection came AFTER the crucifixion!)

#4 – The fear of man…when we embrace God’s plan for our lives and refuse to be normal people don’t like it…so we allow what others say and think about us lead us to the place where they are rather than the place that God desires for us to be.

#5 – We don’t fully understand Matthew 7:9-11, that HE is THE PERFECT FATHER and desires to give us things that will BLOW our minds!

#6 – We think God blesses us for our glory and not His.

#7 – We have a season of regret in our lives and allow the pain of our past to dominate us rather than the potential of our future!  Romans 8:1 is TRUE about YOU if you are in Christ…and if you don’t let your past die then it won’t let you live!  Get over it…HE has!

#8 – We try to accomplish things in our own strength rather than being desperate for His!  (Zechariah 4:6)

#9 – We refuse to dream big with OTHERS, thinking that, for some reason, God has asked us to do life alone!  (When the church and the people in the church work together and do not care who gets the credit as long as God gets the glory then HIS CHURCH becomes UNSTOPPABLE!)

#10 – We always say “one day” when it comes to taking the step of faith we know we need to take…but we don’t say it because we intend to do it…but rather to make us feel better about ourselves.  Why would you put off until tomorrow what God has clearly called you to do today?  Delayed obedience is immediate disobedience!

Written by Pastor Perry Noble. Visit Pastor Perry’s blog at Follow Perry Noble on Facebook/nobleperry and Twitter @perrynoble.

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