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Why Division Is Entering America…And How To Stop It

It’s everywhere.

Congressmen being shot.  Angry racists driving cars over human beings.  States threatening seriously to secede from the “United” States of America.

How did we get here and what is our way out?

Israel divided from twelve beautiful tribes into “Israel” (northern ten tribes) and “Judah” (southern two tribes.)

The church at Corinth divided over “Peter,” “Paul,” or “Apollos.”

Cain divided with his brother Abel…and killed him.


1.     Dishonor

  • Honor is the “gravity of all relationships.”  When honor is gone, things fly apart and collide.  In heaven, they sing about “glory and honor” because there is ZERO division.
  • Peter said, “Honor all men” (1 Pet. 2:17).  Honor them by giving them the first, the best, the highest.  Honor them because they are in the image of God and you honor Him.  Look past the gender, the race, the skin color, the pedigree, the income level and the attitudes…and show them HONOR.

2.    Pride 

  • The first division in all of eternity was caused by “arrogance.”  Satan plotted to overthrow God’s authority.  He whispered division among one-third of the angels.  His disloyalty plunged the present universe into chaos, war, hatred, and division.
  • “Serve every person” (Gal. 5:13).  To serve is to wash feet like Jesus.  Wash cars, mow grass, fix roofs, clean up trash, do the jobs for people no one else wants to do.  That humility will bring tremendous unity and send the devil packing.

3.    Disloyalty

  • God is a covenant God.  He makes an agreement, a covenant, and keeps it eternally.  He would never divide and be disloyal.  He maintained His love and commitment to Israel even when she turned her back on Him.
  • Repair your broken relationships.  Jesus said that even if your brother has a complaint against you, go and be reconciled.  Paul said don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.  Where division exists, root it out like cancer and it won’t spread.

4.    Greed

  • Wonderful families are divided by inheritances.  When a person wins the lottery, they are often rewarded by a host of broken friendships.  Any type of financial slight can be grounds for division.
  • Be a giver.  Be generous.  Don’t hold on to material things.  Abraham gave Lot the first pick of the land of Israel.  Refuse to let a little anything come between you and your neighbor.  God will make it up to you if you don’t let material things divide your relationships.

Only God’s love can conquer dishonor, pride, disloyalty, and greed.

“Divided we fall.”

We are “one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE.”

Make a phone call or send an email to a person you have dishonored, been arrogant to, been disloyal to, or divided over material possessions.

Ask their forgiveness and bring it to the cross of Christ.  Home by home, neighbor by neighbor, friend by friend, we will reclaim America’s unity.

United we stand.” 

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