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Who Built that Door?

The primary purpose of the church is reconciliation and disciple-making. Everyone that is a part of the Body of Christ is expected to live as Kingdom citizens and work in the church, so we all appear to live in the Kingdom and work in the church! But with the rise of the mega-church, it may look as if that’s what good Christians are doing—but looks are deceiving. Also, the explosive growth of the international multi-media means that spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide can lend itself to that impression. Unfortunately, national statistics bear out the truth: we are being totally ineffective as witnesses for the Kingdom of God and we are not bringing people to Christ and into the church in America. We’re lagging behind churches and sects all over the world. As a matter of fact, statistics show that in the course of a year it takes 85 Christians to bring one convert to Christ in the American Christian Church.

Current statistics show that increasing numbers of Americans, almost one-fifth of our entire population, say they are unaffiliated with any religious group or tradition. The church has lost its appeal, its fire, its passion – and growing numbers of our population do not want to come. Now can you understand why the church is losing three to four thousand churches a year in America? The church no longer reflects God’s wishes, God’s will, and God’s ways. It is no longer governed by the mind of Christ. This is not the church that Jesus built – there is a counterfeit on the earth. And this counterfeit has put doors on the church.

There is nothing inherently wrong with an inanimate object called a door; but architecturally, doors perform a function. A door provides access or participation, and it acts as a barrier to entry. My question is this: where did this door come from? Who was the architect and who was the locksmith?

The Bible never teaches that Christ’s church had a door – the Lord added to the church those that were being saved. Period. And the Bible does not teach that believers have keys to the church. The Bible teaches that we have been given the keys to the Kingdom of heaven. So I want to know where this door has come from. And who distributed the keys to it? Who opened that door? Furthermore, on whose authority were the “doors of the church” opened? At what point did the keys to the Kingdom of heaven become the keys to the doors of the church? Most significantly, who said that we were to usher people into the church? Somewhere throughout the course of history, a human being either innocently bastardized or egotistically commandeered God’s invitation to the unbeliever. The implied ownership of the church, which has obviously taken place based on the social hi-jacking of God’s domain that we see in all quarters of Christendom, is emblazoned in the declaration that the “doors of the church” were open. But is anyone able to open the doors of the church when Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but by Him? How can the church doors be opened when Jesus is the door? Someone decided to take the Lord’s church and give it a new vision and mission!

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