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Which Church Are You In?

Today we face what Augustine referred to in his book, City of God, as phenomena of the visible and the invisible church. The invisible church is God’s true church and they worship and serve God amidst those who are simply a part of the visible church. Augustine posits that you can be part of the visible church but not a part of the invisible church. But if you are part of the invisible church, you will be a part of the visible church. Simply put, Augustine wanted us to know that everybody in church is not saved, but everybody that’s saved is in church. When this life is over, visible church members will reap the consequences of eternal separation from God and not the benefit of eternal life with God. You must evaluate the visible church you attend and whether or not you are a member of the invisible church.

Our eternal destination is not a secret; the Bible says examine the scriptures to see if you are in the faith. What is mind numbing is that in the sociological church, the Bible is either no longer being preached or misappropriated for the advancement of self-will and not the will of God. The average Christian has either no understanding or a skewed understanding of the Bible and the concept of God. To the church’s chagrin, the laity has embraced the spirit of the historical church, which over the years taught people that the Bible is not important. Therefore, when you go to the average church, you’ll hear a Scripture read, then everybody shuts their book and something else is talked about. Fables and stories are told, and in some cultures, they give you three points and a poem and then in other cultures, they give you three points and a whoop, but none of the points point you to the King.

When we consider the alarming statistics that point to the ignorance of Christians concerning biblical concepts and understanding, Christ no longer has the affection of the contemporary church. On the contrary, when you look at Christian TV, you don’t hear about Christ and His Kingdom but how to establish your own kingdom on earth. The church simply speaks to the needs and the desires of its members, not its King. Church members even say, “I want to go someplace where I feel comfortable. I need to go some place that meets my needs.”

In Revelation 4:1,2, Jesus is still outside knocking. Then John is snatched up in the Rapture, another dispensation. The church age has ended and the invisible church is no longer on earth. Now, John is at an open door and when he walks through the open door, he sees the environment of a kingdom. What is this kingdom? This is the Kingdom of God. So what am I saying? The majority of today’s churches are going to be uninterrupted when the true church is raptured. That’s one of the reasons people are not going to believe in the Rapture because there are going to be so many church folks still here. The Bible says that except a man is born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom. I’m a firm believer in cause and effect, and there’s a reason why the sociological church does not preach about the Kingdom. It’s a dangerous thing to think your eternal destination is secured because you sacrifice one day a week to come to church and listen to somebody preach at you. Don’t fall into this trap: Be sure of which church you are in!

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