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When Miracles Aren’t Enough

by Jeff Taylor

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an Olympian athlete? You don’t just waltz in to the Olympics. They are the best in the world.There’s a price to pay for that kind of position. There’s a price to pay for even getting into the competition! You must be dedicated and willing to sacrifice. You have to want it. Then, you have to have the discipline and focus to go after it.

As I was considering this, I began to ask myself, How much of God do I really want in my life? How great is my hunger, and would I be termed an “athlete” for Him?

Moses is a unique example for us in the Bible because, unlike many of the characters within its pages, we know a great deal about his family and upbringing, the political arena of the day and his ministry. Moses was also unique because he saw more miracles in his lifetime than anyone else in scripture, except Jesus Himself. Despite this prolific miracle ministry, Moses said to God, “It’s not enough.” He recognized that it’s not enough to just have miracle power in your life. You need to know God’s glory.

In Exodus 33, Moses received the command from God to leave Mount Sinai. To sum things up, God said to Moses, “I’m tired of Israel. They’re a stiff-necked people. I’ll give you the Promised Land; I’ll keep my promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but I’m not going in with you. I’ll give you an angel to drive every inhabitant out of your way, but I’m not going in.” God offered Moses everything he desired, but not His presence. Right there is a test, my friend!

Would you take the reward and not the Lord? Some people’s idea of prosperity is “the place I reach where I don’t have to believe God anymore.” That will never happen! Would you take more money if God wasn’t n it? Would you be  blessed if God stayed behind? Would you take God’s hand of reward and forsake the One Who gave it?  Is realizing your dream worth giving up the One Who could make it possible?

Moses responded to the Lord, “I’m not going. I’m not forsaking the dream You gave me for the One Who makes it come to pass.” Then he pitched his tent outside, far from the amp and called this place the Tent of Meeting. If you want more of God, the first thing you must do is separate yourself from some things and some people. They are distractions.

There is a point in every person’s life where Good calls that person away from the normal and the carnal. He calls us away from those who remain conscious of their limitations and abilities and try to hold us to ours. It is through separation, where others’ opinions do not matter, that He can do something in you.

Who, in your life, is keeping you carnal? Whose opinion matters so much that you’re considering staying in the borderline area? It’s keeping you within the camp of Israel and outside the presence of God for your life.

If you want a move of God, the power of God, or the glory of God to show up in your life and people to take notice, then you will need to separate yourself. Does this mean you don’t walk in love? No! But if loving people clouds your judgment of loving God, then you’re in the wrong. You must desire more of God so that you can love people the right way, rather than sympathetically, leaving them the same as when you met them.

Notice in verse 7, “Everyone who sought the Lord went out to the Tabernacle of Meeting, which was outside the camp.” Not everybody went with Moses. Those who loved God did. If you have to pitch your tent like Moses, you won’t be alone! There will be some who come to you, but they will pay a price. They will have to repent of the things that distracted them.

Every one of us knows something that holds us back in our relationship with the Lord. It may be tradition. It may be television. It may be relationships with the wrong people. It may be computers or our job or things to do. Something is always pulling at our time and attention, keeping us from the Lord. In the presence of God, we will have to address our distractions and get right with Him!

Moses knew he had to lead the people, so he left the tabernacle. He told God, “If I’ve found grace in Your sight, show me how to lead these people so we can know You, so I can grow as a leader, and because they are Your people.” Because of Moses’ intercession, God agreed that His presence would go with them.

How many more days will pass before you say, “God, I want Your presence more than I want my job or health in my body”? How many crises do you have to go through without His help, leaning on your own reason and logic, before you get it? More than anything in my life, I have to have more of His presence!

Don’t go through the routine of life, “business as usual,” without the presence of God. In God, not in programs, should we find our being. If it wasn’t for Him, we’d be undone.

Moses secured god’s presence for the journey, but that was not enough for him. He had witnessed unparalleled miracle power. He had actively participated in the overthrow of a world superpower, but none of it was enough. In verse 18, Moses said, “Lord, this is personal: I want to see Your glory. I don’t just want Your presence. I want Your glory, please.” The journey is for everyone; the glory is for one. People saw the miracles. Moses wanted to see what others didn’t get to see.

What’s costing you the glory? My heart breaks because there are people who love God with all their hearts, but there’s something keeping them from intimacy with Him. I’m asking you to pitch your tent a little farther from the camp today. You might get accused of being too spiritual, too religious, but it’s worth it. God will be there when your family and friends forsake you. God will be there when all hell breaks loose in your life.

My question again is what’s keeping you from the glory? Maybe it’s a lack of desire; maybe it’s habits. Maybe it’s broken focus. My goal is not to make you feel bad about yourself, but to feel good about desiring God. Be hungry again! Pursue again! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the area, the person, the habit that’s keeping you from the glory, from what God said you can have. In all your financial increase and miracles, don’t forget there’s more. There’s Him.

Don’t allow those who wade around in the shallow end of the things of God to criticize you for where you want to go. Say like Moses, “I’m forsaking all to meet with You!”

[Jeff Taylor is the founder and president of Taylor.

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