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What’s Now Before What’s Next!

One of the most common asked questions people ask me is, “How can I know what God wants next for my life?”  AND…after being in ministry for nearly 20 years I’ve discovered that much of the time people don’t actually want to move on to what is NEXT…they are merely asking the question because they don’t want to deal with what God is doing NOW!

BUT…God will NOT reveal what is NEXT until we are obedient in what He is revealing NOW!

Let me share a Charisse illustration here?  🙂

I really do want to take her to see, “The Princess and the Frog.”  She’s never been to the movies.  She’s never had hot popcorn covered in butter.  She’s never had a HUGE Coke to go with it.  She’s never had candy to chase the popcorn down!  (Hey, if you are going to do it…do it right!)  She’s never seen a screen like the one at the theatre.

I know she would LOVE IT!  I know she would want to go back.  I know that the whole experience would be one of the most amazing events of her life so far!

BUT…I can’t take her because she won’t stop taking a pee in her pants!  (She’s going to KILL me when she gets older and sees some of the stuff I’ve written about her!)  🙂

Here’s the deal…she is potty trained.  She KNOWS when she needs to go pee.  She tells us and we “assist” her with the clean up afterwards.  She knows that it is wrong to pee in her pants…but she won’t stop.

It’s not that she doens’t know better.  Lucretia and I have spoken to her about this…and she knows that it is wrong and she should not do it…but for whatever reason she will have a few good days and then BAM…pee!!!  (It’s really bad when she’s pees on me!)

SO…I had this conversation with her.  I told her about the movies.  I told her about the popcorn.  I told her about the fun we would have…but then I told her, “I am not going to take you until you stop peeing in your pants.”

She totally understood; in fact, she said repeatedly the first day I shared this with her, “I am not going to pee in my pants and then mommy and daddy will take me to see the Princess and the frog.”

BUT…then she does it again!

Here’s the kicker…I REALLY want to take her to see that movie.  I know it would bring so much joy to her life and that she would love the entire experience.  BUT…I won’t take her there until she deals with “the issue” that we’ve clearly identified/discussed in her life.

The same is true with our heavenly Father…His plans for us are amazing (I Corinthians 2:9, Ephesians 3:20), He REALLY does want to take us to places that we could never even inagine…but..until we deal with the issues He brings forth in our life He will allow us to stay right where we are.  He can’t trust us with what’s next if we are not obedient with what’s now!

Here in the South we try our best to bypass this.  God will reveal an area of our life we need to deal with…and instead of becoming obedient and submissive to His leadership we will say, “Well, I’m not going to obey THAT…but instead I will do this!”  An example would be, “Well, I am not going to stop screwing my boyfriend/girlfriend…but instead I will get involved in lots of Bible studies, sing really loud at church and get involved in serving.”

Radical obedience in one area of our lives is not a license to pursue disobedience in another.

Is there an area of your life that is NOT submissive to Jesus?  Because, if that is the case we’ve got to understand that He is NOT going to change His mind, nor will He be mocked (Galatians 6:7) by our meaningless worship or manipulated (Isaiah 29:13) by our vain words.

Christianity is meeting Jesus and then following Him for the rest of our lives…one step at a time.

SO…what is THAT step of obedience He is leading you to?  What is that thing that always keeps coming up?  What is the issue He is wanting you to let go of?  Trust me…He’s NOT dealing with THAT issue because He hates you…but rather because He loves you and wants to see greater things.

Let’s deal with what’s now so we can constantly move towards what’s next!

Written by Pastor Perry Noble. Visit Pastor Perry’s blog at Follow Perry Noble on Facebook/nobleperry and Twitter @perrynoble.

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