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Tricia and I work constantly on coaching our kids to have grateful hearts and express gratitude to people. We are on them constantly to say their “Thank You’s.” It’s a work in progress. Frankly, nothing gripes me more than ungratefulness from my kids.  Doing things constantly for our kids, only to be met with apathy, indifference, and ungratefulness? Parents do you know what I mean? Honestly, it doesn’t just make me angry. At times, it breaks my heart. In fact, nothing breaks my heart more than being taken for granted by my kids. As I simmered on one of these frustrating, heart breaking moments this past week, God spoke to me. No, it wasn’t in an audible voice, but it was almost that clear.

Ungrateful Kids SmallI am God’s kid. I love my Heavenly Father. I love God more than anyone or anything else in my life! I am thankful for my Father and all He’s done for me. I just don’t express it all that well. I struggle with an ungrateful heart and expressing gratitude to my Heavenly Father. I guess that means my ungrateful heart gripes Him and breaks His heart, at times.

Wow. All of a sudden, I know where my kids get it. I am an ungrateful kid! They get it from me. I got it from my parents. They got it from theirs. All the way back to Adam and Eve. I am an ungrateful kid. I need to work on my “Thank You’s”. I am a work in progress. As I learn gratefulness and expressing gratitude to God through my words, actions and attitudes, I model gratefulness for my kids. It’s been said often that discipleship is more caught than taught. I know how to disciple my kids in the area of gratefulness: become a more grateful kid in my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

What about you? Do you ever struggle with being an ungrateful kid?

Shawn LovejoyBy: Shawn Lovejoy
Senior Pastor of  Mountain Lake Church


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