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Three Things You Should Not Do In A Meeting…

Some people love meetings…and some hate them.  Personally, I love them as long as things are actually being accomplished.  I sat down the other day and begin to brainstorm about the meetings that absolutely energize me…and came up with a list of four things I don’t want to do personally that I thought I would share here…

#1 – Don’t Assume Every Problem Must Be Solved On The Spot

I used to be the guy that would say, “We aren’t going to leave this room until we come up with a solution for this issue!”  WHICH would make us made decisions based upon desperation rather than God’s direction.

Sometimes (many times actually) the best thing a team can do when it comes to a problem or an issue is actually table it for a week so that it can be thought about and prayed through.

What CAN (and often does) happen in a meeting when everyone feels like a solution needs to be developed on the spot is that people begin to talk in circles…and so the conversation that takes place for hours merely includes the same people saying the same things.

Don’t be afraid to walk away…even if its for a couple of hours…so that a fresh perspective can be had.

#2 – Don’t Be Afraid To Leave The Agenda

I am an agenda guy…I have notes typed up before each meeting as to what I hope to accomplish…and I usually follow it to a tee.

However, there are times when the agenda MUST be ditched because of what is happening in the room.

For example, last Tuesday in our Senior Management Team meeting an issue came up that led to about an hour long discussion…and it wasn’t originally on the agenda.  However, it was a God ordained conversation that really had a serious impact on everyone in the room.

Always be mindful of the fact that we should have things we want to accomplish…but when God moves and wants to take it in another direction…it’s always best to follow Him!

#3 – Don’t Be So Concerned About Your Own Self Image That You Hold Back From Saying What You Really Believe.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve personally made in meetings is not saying what I think and then leaving incredibly frustrated at myself for not speaking up.

Ever been there?

There is absolutely NO reason at all to leave a meeting not having put everything you’ve got on the table.  If God called you to lead…the SPEAK UP!  Sure, you might be wrong…and if so then all it costs you is a little pride.  BUT…if you are right then the possibilities are endless.

The stakes in church leadership are WAY TOO HIGH for a leader to put fear and pride before anointing and calling.

Written by Pastor Perry Noble. Visit Pastor Perry’s blog at Follow Perry Noble on Facebook/nobleperry and Twitter @perrynoble.

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