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Three Benefits of Losing Weight & Getting Healthy

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, but either were overwhelmed by the thought of beginning the process…or simply did not know where to begin?

Last week I posted a picture on social media of me hitting a weight of 201 (which is the lowest I’ve weighed since the 5th grade.)

In the past 17 months I’ve dropped from 240 to 201, decreased in body fat about 5% and can actually see my abs for the first time in my life (I will spare you the picture!)

In my eating right and exercise journey I’ve discovered three amazing benefits I didn’t see coming.

#1 – I Feel Better/Have Way More Energy

Before figuring out when to exercise, when to eat and WHAT to eat I always became sleepy around 1:30 in the afternoon–and as a result slammed caffeine to try and get myself motivated (which impacted me getting good sleep!)

However, since discovering some key principles about eating right and exercising I do not have that mid afternoon slump and, as a result, my productivity has increased significantly.

2 – I Think Way More Clearly

As a result of eradicating the mid afternoon slump from my life, my thinking is a lot sharper throughout the day.  Before I began this journey I had serious doubts about how good nutrition impacted our ability to focus; however, I am now a sold out believer as experience has proved my doubts had no merit.

And…once again, as a result of thinking more clearly, I get way more accomplished.

3 – I Experience Way Less Stress

All of us encounter significant stress levels at various points in our lives; however, I can say without reservation that though my life circumstances (especially over the past 17 months) have brought enough stress in my life to have driven me a tad insane, my stress levels are lower than they’ve been since my senior year in college.


Once again I point back to eating right and exercising–it seriously has impacted my life in a more significant way than I ever imagined.
AND…if I can do this (eating right and exercising)–you can too!!!

I will be releasing my next book the week of December 11 (it’s an eBook) which highlights eating right and exercise from a spiritual viewpoint, as well as providing a 90 day plan to lose weight and feel great.  I am SO EXCITED about this as I believe it will provide freedom in an area where people have felt helpless for so long.

Eating right and exercising has absolutely changed my life–and it will change yours as well.

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