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The Problem With the Contemporary Church

The contemporary church has lost its divine mission. It is not the church that Christ built. According to Revelation 2 and 3, its mission has become self-centered and is based upon:

• Financial prosperity
• Independence

Instead of existing for the purpose for which it was intended (Matthew 28:19-20), the church has become weak, impotent, anemic, sightless, and suffers from diplopia. Many churches today do not know or teach biblical truth or sound doctrine. Many of our contemporary churches begin with rebellion or submission issues and birth church-es that focus on carnal interests, further compromising the Kingdom agenda for the sake of their issues.

Simply ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you prefer to be part of a church with people like you in race, class, or gender because you feel uncomfortable around diversity?
2. Do you pray to fulfill God’s wishes on earth or for God to fulfill your wishes on earth?
3. Do you pray for someone other than yourself and have you seen your prayers answered?
4. Do you have compassion for the lost and invite them into the Kingdom of God? Do you invite them to your local church? Or, do you believe that one’s faith is a personal decision that everyone should respect?
5. What is the Kingdom and what does it have to do with you?
6. Is your life consumed with your career, your family, and your friends or is it consumed with making disciples?
7. Do you consider scriptures mandating “making disciples” and “not considering what you have as your own” as outdated or unrealistic?
8. Are you magnetic, energetic and enthusiastic about the Kingdom of God, learning more in order to teach or impact someone else with the message of the Kingdom?
9. Are you focused on sanctification struggles or making disciples?
10. Are you able to give a defense for what you believe according to scripture?

When you consider these questions, what did you discover about your own beliefs and concerns…and how do you think your ‘Christian’ friends would answer them?

You cannot replace the gospel of the Kingdom with the gospel of altruism and humanitarian efforts. You must know and encourage others to know the King. Jesus followed the rabbinic tradition in His ministry wherein He proclaimed, explained, and demonstrated the Kingdom. So the expansion of the Kingdom is practiced with proclamation, explanation, and demonstration. And demonstration equals power!

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