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The Problem With Church Today

Look around you. In so many churches today, even though the Bible is referenced, the basis for the beliefs and teachings of the sociological church are not biblical. Christ has a people who will come out from those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power, i.e., the church of Laodicea.

The church of Laodicea put Christ out. The process involved the following:

  • The exaltation of culture
  • The exaltation of class
  • The exaltation of cause

When the church placed cultural preferences above Kingdom culture, the church invited Christ to exit. After that, the church categorized people according to their class, thus asking for the Christ-founded egalitarian scale (how you measure someone’s value) to be abandoned. The church further exemplified the lack of the need for the affirmation of Christ. Then, the last thing that finally put Him out was when the church rallied its own causes, and not the cause of Christ. Thus, the Great Com- mission was exchanged for financial commissions and personal commission (a better you).

The 7th dispensation will focus upon the proclamation of the Kingdom of God… Its mission is to bring people to Christ and His Kingdom and invite people out of the closed doors of the church. In this dispensation, the church will learn more about the Kingdom and walk in Kingdom power and authority, literally snatching souls out of the snares of the enemy. This is also an era in which you must be careful, because men have already begun changing the Kingdom message to lift the authority of man and not God. In the Kingdom, God is sovereign and we are His faithful servants. Be careful when men tell you the King has to get your permission to act.

In God’s Kingdom, His subjects die daily to their flesh and live daily for Him. This is the opposite of the church of Laodicea; their testimony is, “We are rich in increase, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing!” This is a church that seeks after riches and material gain. It is a church that prioritizes increase. You cannot listen to Christian TV without hearing one of those three Laodicean messages:

1)  Watch your confession

2)  You are called to be a millionaire

3)  By the covenant of Abraham, expect an increase.

Now don’t get me wrong: The problem is not money – it is focus! Subscription to this philosophy means believing God for material things while ignoring the salvation of thousands daily. The Bible states that God added to the church daily. I wonder how many souls are ignored while men seek increase.

Believer, we must listen attentively for the voice of God as revealed in His Word. It is very difficult to decipher between the Word of God and the traditions of men because when the doors of the church were opened by Constantine and widened by the Church of England and the American church system, all kinds of things came in. A lot of what came in the church was taught as the revelation of God, but was nothing more than the culture of men.

The problem with the church today? The spirit of Laodicea: Beware of it! Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. To God be the glory!

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