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The Master’s Ministry

The Master's Ministry - Micah Stewart

Church Vision – GROWTH – Compassion in Action

Christ’s Ministry was catapulted to blazing success in less than three years. Non- Christians flocked to Him in the thousands because of His simple confidence in healing the sick. Today because of His death, burial, resurrection and ascension; churches everywhere have the same calling. We are asking church leaders everywhere to adopt the same simple approach to church growth – Minister like the Master Ministered.

So many ministry teams and individual leaders ask the question, “How do I grow my church?” We ask you, “Why not use the ministry growth model of the Master?” This model works for any size church! This is not a call for your church to add this vision on top of your already overloaded self and teams. THIS IS A CALL TO STOP DOING OTHER THINGS THAT ARE NOT SOMEHOW RELATED TO CHRIST’S MIRACLE MODEL. This is a vision to replace other models. This model will actually make ministry easier and remove the burden of slow growth.

The Master's Ministry - Micah StewartHere we go! (Brace yourself, those teams willing to put the effort into their community will experience God size growth.)

We are Christians which means Christ-like. It is not enough for us to “follow” Him as His passionate fan club. It is time to follow Him by passionately doing what He did and giving what He gave. He intends for us to follow His example. We are to be moved with compassion to give healing freely and often, healing communities (modern day multitudes) everywhere. It is time to be His hands and feet, so that people may be healed through us by the same Holy Spirit in us that was in Him. Jesus said that the same works that He did, we would do also, and greater things. LET’S DO IT THEN!

It starts with one Christian who offers to come and heal one person. And then another. And another. Oh what a glorious thing as more churches catch this fire and passion to bless the local community – one person at a time – with all excellence and moral integrity in every individual case. We handle every sick person with the utmost care and compassion. We are never pushy or rude. We give respect and honor in every situation and KEEP OUR VISIT SHORT. We do not come to them with ulterior motives. We are NOT to invite them to church or hope they give us money. If they ask on their own accord about our place of worship and make donations on their own, that is fine; otherwise don’t mention it. HEALING IS OUR MOTIVE.

Let your church’s reputation be loud and clear in communities so that anyone can call upon the church anytime a person is not well. As the church we must promptly visit each individual who calls upon us. Don’t try to take short cuts here. Don’t text or leave a Facebook message that the church will be praying for you. If we do use social media as a last resort, then write specific, powerful faith-filled prayers customized to the individual’s needs.

During the downtime ask around who would allow a prayer visit. Be willing to get a few “no” answers to get to the “yes” answers. Keep an activity log of daily ministry activity

for each team member. Review and develop excellence around your team’s daily work. A note of caution: don’t get too romantic about bigger numbers. Some times one or two cases per ministry worker each day will take a lot from the worker. Set aside time each day to read God’s Word and rest to recharge the ministry reserve within you. Remember all this is done in PARTNERSHIP with the Holy Spirit.


As the church we must not hide away from our great responsibility of Master Ministry. To have the success of the Master, we must do the work of the Master and actively develop others to do the same. Love them like He loved them – we are Compassion in Action!

By: Micah Stewart

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