There is a thirst in your life that must never be quenched, stopped or become obsolete, and that’s the thirst to learn and be teachable. I love this statement by one of the greatest basketball coaches of our era John Wooden: “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”What a powerful statement that speaks volumes!  All of us have run into people that come off as knowing everything, you can’t say one thing that will improve their life because they know it all and they do all the talking. When you really examine their life you find they are stuck, stuck in their own world of greatness while others with teachable spirits have passed them by. Folks you can learn something from everyone whether it’s an executive on Wall Street or a man on skid row living in a box. There is always something you can learn from everybody and in every situation.  So never stop learning and being teachable! I think daily we pass up opportunities to learn because in our minds in America and other developed countries, we have the idea that the only learning of significances comes in a class room with a teacher, books and a desk. Folks, that is so far away from the truth till it’s living in fantasy land.  The greatest and most successful men and women of our time that accomplished great things learned from the classroom of life. That’s where teachable people excel and become great and stubborn people shrink and go backwards. So from now on look at every situation that comes in your life and ask the Holy Spirit, “What can I learn from this situation that will make me a better person”. Once He shows it to you, apply it to your life and watch how you grow by leaps and bounds!


imageBy Ricardo Johnson


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