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Revolutionary now, or Regretful later?

One of the downfalls of a coffee-sipping, relationship-oriented generation is it’s tempting to approach our relationship with God in a similar kind of laid-back attitude. Take a sip, chill with God; hang with friends, chill with God. It would be easy to take what was once a raging, burning passion to know and love Him, and turn it into a coffee-sipping trance.

It’s important that, while the fire is raging in your heart, to set patterns in your life that make it easy for that raging fire to be the norm. That means thinking deeply about who you surround yourself with, the kinds of friends you have, the kind of person you marry. It’s imperative that you immerse yourself in the Word and in great teachings, so it fuels your appetite to keep learning and growing. Don’t just read things that are popular; read things that will challenge your character, challenge your heart, and challenge your passion.

Millenials need to remember, as they launch into their adult life, that making life count starts right now. It doesn’t start after you get your college degree; it doesn’t start after you’ve been married for a certain number of years; it doesn’t start after you have kids; it doesn’t start after you’ve retired. It’s imperative that we don’t feel like we’ve done our duty because we’ve donated a blanket or pair of socks to charity, or that we’ve given $10 here and $20 there. Christ asks for our all.

At this stage of your life, it’s easy to focus on how you’ll make a living, get a degree, get a job and keep seeking what everyone else is seeking: the next job or the next raise. Making a difference is what we all crave at the end of our life, wondering, “Did my life matter? Was anybody changed? Is eternity going to be any different? Is this world a better place?”

Christ came to spark a revolution, not to just bring a good teaching and start a movement where people would assemble in buildings on Sunday mornings. In order for a revolution to happen, He has to have revolutionaries. Revolutionaries are not those who simply commit to yawn every Sunday morning at the latest sermon; revolutionaries are following the Revolutionary in a revolutionary lifestyle. They are ready to pack their bags, ready to move overseas, ready to live on the edge, ready to give all at a moment’s notice. Revolutionaries actually plan to leverage their life, instead of letting life slip by and accidentally remembering that they’re here for a purpose.

I’m reminded of a young couple, passionate for God, who got married. Soon after, she became a nurse, and he was working at Home Depot. I knew that they both had a passion for missions, and she wanted to be a missionary nurse. During a discussion with them one day, I asked “So what’s the plan, when are you going?”

He said, “Well, I’m working at Home Depot, going to work my up to be a manager so then I can move anywhere in the country and be a manager so we can raise our kids, and as soon as we’re done raising our kids, we want to go on the mission field.”

I looked at him and said, “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve wanted to go on the mission field and invest your life in the nations. Why would you wait 20 years from now to start making the kind of difference that’s burning on the inside of you?”

It was almost as if the lights came on; he couldn’t figure out how to do that with a young family. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. Making your life count starts now when you’re young. Don’t wait until you’re too old and you don’t have much energy left to give. All people, when they get to their 50s, 60s, and 70s, start looking for significance. But if you’re proactively planning for a life of significance for each decade, you can look back and say, “That decade was when God used me to do this and this next decade was when God used me to do this!”

Let’s be intentional about living a revolutionary lifestyle, passionate for God and passionate for the people that He sent his Son to rescue.

by Ron Luce


Twitter: @TeenMania


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