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Review: Overcomer Movie by the Kendrick Brothers

If you haven’t done so already, take your family to the movies this week to watch the latest faith-based film from the Kendrick brothers, Overcomer. This heart-tugging drama will leave you with a warm glow and a renewed belief that situations can have a positive outcome.

The movie is set around a small town’s private high school, its students, teachers and faculty. The closing of the town’s biggest manufacturing plant puts a financial strain on many of the school’s families, and attendance drops as those families are forced to move to find new jobs. Coach John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) finds himself in the position of losing his star basketball players and ultimately his team. The school’s principal, Olivia Brooks (Priscilla Shirer), asks him to coach the cross-country team instead, and he agrees only to discover the team has one run runner –– a young girl with asthma, Hannah Scott (Aryn Wright-Thompson).

Hannah is a young teen coping with the loss of her parents. She lives with her grandmother and has no support system or friends outside the home. She commits petty thefts. And she runs — fast! Coach Harrison and his family rally around Hannah as she trains for a major cross-country competition.

As the story develops, Coach Harrison accidentally meets a very sick man in a hospital room. He’s blind and nearing the end of his life. Coach discovers the man is Thomas Hill (Cameron Arnett), a champion runner from years ago, and they bond over the sport and ultimately faith in God. In the process, Coach discovers that Thomas is Hannah’s father!

The movie’s theme of pressing on through loss and uncertainty is universal, and who doesn’t love a story that inspires strength and tenacity and realizing your goals? Viewers will have no trouble sympathizing with the main characters and the obstacles they face, and best of all, they will see the growth of these characters in compassion, support and faith.

We’re confident your family will enjoy Overcomer. Be sure to check out a few books released in conjunction with the movie that will help you and your children discover your identities in Christ:



Defined: Who God Says You Are by Stephen and Alex Kendrick — Who else could speak with more insight and authority about who you are than God? Each of us is one-of-a-kind, uniquely created to know God and live a meaningful life of purpose, value, and love. But knowing this is only the beginning…

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Radiant: His Light, Your Life by Priscilla Shirer — For teen girls and young women, a candid conversation about your identity in Christ and the way your uniqueness was designed to catch God’s light and reflect it to the world. This book includes life lessons Priscilla gathered from her teen years until now.

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Revealed: Discovering Your True Identity In Christ by Stephen and Alex Kendrick — For teen boys and young men, your identity can seem like a mystery but who you are is more than your grades, your looks, or your athletic skills. And it can only be revealed to you by the One who truly knows you.

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Wonderful: The truth About Who I Am by Stephen and Alex Kendrick — For middle-grade readers, if you were asked to describe yourself, you’d probably answer with your name, age, or favorite sport. But what about who you are on the inside?

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