How we think is very important. As John Maxwell says, “Your life today is a result of your thinking yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be determined by what you think today.” I agree with him. Great leaders are disciplined in staying focused in their thinking. On this week’s episode of the John

How To Handle An Insult (Without Doing Something Stupid) An insult is a hard thing to handle. Our pride, position, and even personhood is attacked. We all tend to automatically lash out in retaliation. How do you resist the urge to “fight fire with fire?” HERE ARE SOME THOUGHTS

Let’s ask an awkward, difficult, and at times piercing question: What motivates your ambition? That’s an important question to ask. Why? Because if you don’t ask it, I promise everyone else around you will. Mostly I don’t like that question because I don’t like the answer to that question. Sometimes my motivation is selfish. I

[audio mp3=""][/audio] From the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, we’re excited to bring you our one-on-one series with Christian leaders to share their insights on a variety of leadership topics, all through the lens of faith. Holly Tate, Vice President of Business Development, and Chris Bell, the Lead Pastor of 3Circle Church, discuss 3

Many things attempt to kill your leadership: Isolation…Fatigue…Character Issues…Moral Failure…and the list goes on. However, there might be one thing that's more dangerous than all of the others because it's more of a silent killer. It's subtle. It's gradual. No one can tell it's happening. A leader's #1 silent killer is

Very few leaders possess what I refer to as “Stadium Filling Charisma.” You know what I mean, a personality that is larger than life and people flock to be around that person. When they are in the lobby of the church there is always a crowd of maybe 20 — 25 –

Today, I want to talk to the aspiring leader, someone who dreams of making a bigger impact on their world. The leader who may have never held a leadership position, or maybe has led before, but didn’t lead well and wants to prove they have what it takes. Or maybe you’re Do you need a few pointers on how to open up a conversation about the life saving message of Jesus Christ? Would you like to know how to live with an eternal intent? In this episode of Men Unplugged, evangelist and host Jeff Jerina shares a few lessons

It’s easy to get so busy doing ministry that you don’t take the time to evaluate your ministry. But evaluation is how you get better. It’s like your annual physical. No one wants to get a check-up, blood work, and maybe a test or two, but that’s how you learn what you

All failure is foundational.  Whether it is your marriage, your ministry, or your money, it all comes down to one issue:  “foundation repair.” Jesus said that a wise man “digs deep” and builds on a foundation.  A foolish man builds on the sand. I have found this to be the single greatest

by Letitia Suk Have you ever considered taking a simple day away to unplug from stress and recharge your soul? Sounds delicious, right? Taking a personal retreat, a/k/a a “Getaway with God,” is just that. Stepping aside for a day or more to deeply rest, listen to God, and plan your next

I hate the title of this article. I hate that I even feel compelled to write about the topic. But many of you contacted me after the tragic murders at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Here are some basic issues: Don’t be in denial. Church shootings are increasing every

One of the greatest leaders who ever lived was the Old Testament character Nehemiah. God gave him a burden to rebuild the walls surrounding Jerusalem in around 400 B.C. Even though he faced incredible odds, criticism, discouragement within the people, the haves exploiting the have nots, hunger among the people,

by Dr. M. Stanley Butler As we enter the tax season, those who are active in ministry are beginning to pull together their financial records to prepare for their annual ling. In practice, we strive to be good stewards of the resources that God provides. Part of being a good steward

God May Be Talking to the Leader in the Office Next Door I have experience working with pastors who believe they are the only people who can hear the voice of God when it comes to shaping the vision and ministry strategy of a church. Here are some observations I have about

Shoelaces are important. They hold everything together.  When they are tight, they keep you from falling.  No one tries to walk in loose, floppy tennis shoes without good, snug laces. YOUR FINANCES HAVE “LACES.”  If they are untended, your entire life could come crashing down. With up to half of all divorces related

Following up from my last post on this… #4 - Seeking to live the “minimum payment” lifestyle I remember my first credit card…after getting it I stopped at a sporting goods store and bought a gun. (Just like all pastors should!) It was $300 and when I got the bill in the mail the next

 My friend Joe is an awesome financial advisor…and I can honestly say that the dude is smokin’ what he’s sellin’. He is very up front about the fact he made some dumb mistakes with money… SO DID I…and I wanted to share them with you. #1 - I did not place Jesus first

One of the phases of engagement The Unstuck Group has with most churches we serve is our Staffing & Structure Review. I love this process because we’re trying to align structure with vision and strategy. More importantly, though, we focus on getting the right people in the right roles. As we’ve

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing about the seasons of life everyone goes through. I introduced you to the three seasons in my first post, and then wrote about the season of learning and the season of earning. And what’s made me so excited to share with you

For the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the financial seasons of life that we all experience. The first week, I introduced the seasons: Increased learning (usually ages 0-25), increased earning (usually 25-55), and increased returning (usually 55+). Last week we delved into the Learning Season. And

“I don’t understand why our offerings are down. Attendance is not down.” “It’s a bit scary. If we lose our two highest giving families, our offerings will be down almost 20 percent. None of the younger families will replace that.” Those are two representative comments from pastors who have expressed specific concerns

Growing up, I vividly remember listening to my grandfather Walter J. Nash “The Bicycle Preacher” talk about how Joshua brought the Children of Israel into a new season of blessing. He was passionate, sincere, and very sharp. In fact, I still reflect on the hundreds of notes he inscribed in his

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that it’s usually the Senior Leadership Team of a church that is the ultimate lid to growth. Many of them don’t see it and most of them wouldn’t agree with what I’m saying, but it’s true. The Senior Leadership Team’s willingness to

I recently shared how pruning is the most common biblical practice that I see businesses practice but stuck churches tend to avoid. Today, I want to share a few more of those practices: Seeking Counsel… And Paying for It “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” (Proverbs 15:22,

Have you struggled with believing things about yourself that are not true? In this episode, John, Lisa, and Austin Bevere discuss how false beliefs about God, others, and yourself can be overcome with the Word of God.

With so many in the Church who struggle with out of control thoughts and emotions, it’s time we address it. In this episode, John, Lisa, and special guest Austin Bevere share insights into how bringing your mind into alignment with God’s Word leads to a victorious life.

Are you living in expectancy for this upcoming year? In this episode, John and Lisa share the visions God has placed on their hearts for the year and also empower us to live with anticipation and hope in 2018.