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Leaders: “When should you call for help?”

The problem with leaders is we don’t know when we need help.  We feel confident we can handle any situation.  Unfortunately, that type of thinking could alert you TOO LATE.

I’ve been told that there is a point on the Hudson River where it is impossible to turn back from Niagara Falls.  Regardless of your engine’s horsepower, you have crossed a “point of no return.”

You cannot “self-medicate.”  You cannot see your blindsides.  If that is you, read on.  It may save your life, your family, and your career.

Reversing the course is simple but some “falling” leaders have no idea WHO to call, WHEN to call, and WHY to call.

1. WHO to call:

  • Every leader needs accountability…and that is not just your “buddies.” Accountability is submitting yourself to those who have the authority to remove you from leadership for a season of restoration.
  • I highly recommend you place your leadership in the hands of spiritual “physicians.” When your doctor tells you to go immediately to the emergency room, you go straight there.   In the same way, you need several “overseers.”  These are wise leaders who can prescribe an immediate or protracted season of recuperation before you totally implode…no questions asked.

2. WHEN to call:

  • John Wesley required every Methodist to be in a small group 11 out of 13 weeks every quarter. One by one, every week, each person told the group the temptations they faced that week…and the Scripture they used to overcome it.
  • The moment you speak the temptation, it no longer controls you. If you can only speak to your mentor, your group, your overseers, Satan’s grip on your soul has been struck a mortal blow.
  • “Pro-biotic” is better than “anti-biotic.” Preventive care is better than radical surgery.  The Old Testament priests examined even a tiny spot on the skin to be sure it was not leprous.  Don’t play with emotional and spiritual symptoms.

3. WHY to call:

  • When stress, insecurity, and intimidation is coloring your decisions.
  • When temptation comes in the form of a person.
  • When finances are all you can think about.
  • When you feel yourself pulling away from and losing attraction for your spouse.
  • When your anger surprises yourself and others.
  • When your devotional life shrinks to simply listening to music.
  • When any substance or image becomes habitual.
  • When you find yourself covering up anything.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of six relational areas where transparency is needed:

  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Marriage (divorce)
  • Profanity
  • Revenge
  • Hatred

GOD HAS GRACE for all six:

  • Reconciliation
  • Freedom
  • Tenderness
  • Purity
  • Generosity
  • Intercession

OPEN UP TO SOMEONE NOW.  Air out the chambers of your heart.  De-toxify your soul and mind.  Put a “cast” on a broken relationship.  Kick out every spiritual “squatter.”

You can prevent your personal collapse.  Don’t think the embarrassment of disclosure compares to the embarrassment of disgrace. 

 Turn the boat around…even if it feels like you have plenty of room before Niagara.

COMMENT: “What area of challenge in your life did transparency and accountability help you to conquer and change?

Written by Pastor Larry Stockstill. Visit Pastor Larry’s blog at Follow Pastor Larry on Twitter @larrystockstill and Facebook /larrystockstill

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