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Jesus Is What YOU Allow Him To Be

Romans 10:14 “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”

Did you know that God desperately needs you? He is recruiting and waiting for bold people who are willing to say YES to the challenge of the recruitment.

A couple of years ago my wife Teri and I were invited to spend a weekend with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and handful of other people. I’ll never forget such a simple truth that he brought forth when he said “Jesus is what you preach him to be. If you don’t open your mouth, Jesus is silent, but when you speak the gospel you are spreading good news for all to hear.”

This simple truth is always so true in our evangelistic meetings around the world. During our most recent Hope For Ireland meeting I saw this truth become reality again as the Holy Spirit gave me the messages for each night. One night I spoke of the healing power of Jesus to our physical bodies and many were healed. Another night I spoke on the power of God over sin through the mind of Christ and so many came to confess their sins and were radically set free. We were so blessed to see people RESPOND to the messages spoke. Faith was rising through every word to believe what God was speaking and that faith turned into a life-changing response.

I hear so many say that they don’t “feel” Jesus in their everyday life. Some say that they feel their prayers fall on deaf ears and yet others are wildly living in miracles, peace and the life God wants for them. So why does it feel so lop-sided? Why does it seem some are so connected to God while others who seem to want to be don’t feel that they are? I would answer these questions by simply saying that those who are active in their faith see the reality of Jesus in their life because they are “preaching” him everywhere they are.

Jesus is so cool! The Bible teaches that He will never leave us nor forsake us. This means that if you believe in Christ, He is actually dwelling on the inside of you and is with you at all times. It also means that if you share your faith with any person, the power of God living on the inside of you now has a chance to be ACTIVATED and JESUS IS WHAT YOU ARE PREACHING!

If you have a friend who is constantly struggling with fear and anxiety, speak Jesus to them as the prince of peace. If speak with someone who says they are so alone, explain that He is closer than a brother and more than a father. If you are in a conversation and person expresses how sad and empty they are, speak how Jesus is our joy unspeakable. He is the source of ALL life, not just some life. He is alive and wants to be activated in people everywhere. If we however sit on this wonderful revelation and keep it to ourselves there could be countless people directly connected to you that could be receiving the life of Christ but don’t because they don’t know about it.

Think of it in the simplest terms. I remember when my wife and I purchased a great product that just made our day-to-day life so much better. It was so impressive that we wanted to tell everyone in our life about our purchase so that they potentially would purchase one and receive the benefit as well.

Well is there anything greater than Jesus? NO!! He is the greatest thing that could ever happen in a person’s life and if we keep silent we hinder the power of the Holy Spirit moving and helping those we know and love.

So allow Jesus to come out of your mouth and watch Him do the miracles. He is the one with supernatural power but we are the ones with the natural ability to communicate. Be Bold, Be Strong, Be a Courageous Christian!

Blog By: Aaron Bagwell

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