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How to quickly eradicate “mold in your soul”

Water, water, everywhere.  Three times the amount of rain fell on Baton Rouge as fell in Katrina!  7 trillion gallons of water deluged over 40,000 houses. With water comes “mold.”  There is a race against time to remove anything wet.  Hundreds of volunteers are stripping out churches, homes, and businesses before black mold takes over.

Do you have “mold in your soul?”  It is a creeping, silent enemy in your heart.   It is a hidden disease, thriving on the darkness.

BITTERNESS against a rival.  It boils in you every time you see them.

—FEAR of a tragedy.  It haunts you with every news report.

HURT from rejection.  It is an ongoing nightmare you re-live every day in your mind.

What can eradicate it quickly?  Here are five basic steps:

  1. CONFESS YOUR FAULTS —transparency
  • The “bleach” against “soul mold” is confession. Nothing “clears the air” like telling your inner struggles to someone who is confidential and compassionate.
  • Confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed” (James 5:16)
  1. LET IT GO —forgiveness
  • That phrase is more than a Disney movie! To “forgive” in Greek means to “release.”  It means to sign a spiritual “IOU” as “paid in full.”
  • Don’t forget that “forgiveness” and “forgetting” are two different things. Forgiving is a moment, a legal moment when you release.  Forgetting is the time it takes for the emotions to go away.
  1. CLEANSE YOUR MIND—Scripture 
  • You can’t fight fire with fire. How do you not think of a pink elephant?  The more you try, it dances in your imagination.
  • Only reading and meditating on God’s promises can cleanse out “soul mold.” It is LIGHT,and darkness will always run before light.
  1. MAKE IT RIGHT —recompense
    • If you’ve stolen something, you have to return it. If you’ve gossiped about someone, you have to ask their forgiveness.  If you’ve secretly hated someone, you have to show them honor.
    • The “soul mold” will grow again unless you take action steps to get it out in the open and restore.
  1. GIVE IT TIME—recovery
  1. Experts tell you that it is necessary, after opening up hidden mold, to “air it out.” For several weeks, it should not be closed up again.
  2. Once the wound is opened (confession), lanced (forgiveness), cleansed (Scripture), and bandaged (recompense), you add “time” (recovery).

Make straight paths for your feet so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed” (Heb. 12: 13)

You will recover.  That deep spiritual wound, habit, and hurt will eventually feel strong again.

Draw into your soul the fresh, clean air of the Holy Spirit. It’s time to restore. It’s time for “fresh air.”

Written by Pastor Larry Stockstill. Visit Pastor Larry’s blog at Follow Pastor Larry on Twitter @larrystockstill and Facebook /larrystockstill.

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