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How to Develop A Prosperous Soul

Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) just went over $100 billion in net worth this week.  That is more than the individual GDP of 146 out of 211 countries!

That’s ridiculous prosperity.  How do you insure that your soul is prospering that well?

John said, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 Jn. 2, NASB).  John said that you will experience financial sufficiency, physical energy, and emotional prosperity.

The last part is your “soul.”  The soul is made up of three parts:  “emotions, mind, and will.

All three parts need to “prosper” for you to be blessed financially and physically.


1.    Your emotions need to be PASSIONATE.

  • Joy, passion, and giving should be flowing out of your soul.  Some people have battled poverty, sickness, fatigue, and relational conflict so long they have completely lost all their passion.
  • Get it back.  Refuse negative, hopeless emotions.  Paul had joy and passion sitting in the jail at Philippi in solitary confinement.  Whatever your situation today, remind yourself that you are still alive and can change your world.

2.    Your mind needs to be RENEWED.

  • The mind has to think correctly.  Your thoughts have a “lid” on your capacity.  God has given us “great and precious promises” that you are not aware of.  Start reading and meditating on Scripture more than any website or social media platform.
  • The bottom line is that, “GOD CAN.”  Nothing limits His power.  Allow your thoughts to grow “outside the box” to the amazing things that God has planned for your life to accomplish.

3.    Your will needs a PURPOSE.

  • Your life is more than paying bills and gassing up your car.  You were intended to “make a difference.”  I recently saw a news interview of a sheriff near Amarillo, Texas, being interviewed by the local news.  He used my “Model Man” book to transform inmates.  You can see this powerful story HERE.
  • God has a plan and a purpose for you.  You will easily find it in your local church.  They have abundant outreaches to the needy, activities for all generations, and small relational groups to be a part of.  Find your purpose and make a difference!

In the midst of America’s roaring prosperity (the stock market hit 24,000 for the first time this week), how can you be sure it includes you?

1.   Develop a joyful PASSION for giving to others.

2.  Immerse your mind in a study of the financial PRINCIPLES found in the      Scriptures.

3.  Find a PURPOSE for your financial overflow:  treatment centers, international missions, schools and training centers, local churches and hospitals.

Jeff Bezos recently tweeted a desire for people to help him find a purpose for his massive wealth HERE.

Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?  Start working on the prosperity of your soul first…even before you have $100 billion.

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