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God’s Abundant Freedom

The idea of nutritionism has confused the diet industry, and that’s why we have endless numbers of different diet books from the Cookie Diet, to the Lemonade Diet to the Cabbage Soup Diet; everybody is looking for some way to trick their bodies to lose weight, keep eating the foods they love, and maybe reverse diseases, but we’re always shooting at the wrong mark, missing the goal and the great abundance that God has provided.

If we just step back and look at everything through the Biblical lens – and I am a believer that God’s truth trumps all science – we see that science is continually changing. The things once held to be true are often found to be false, and new truth is found. But the Bible always holds up over time. When God created the Garden it was not about nutritionism; He didn’t give man instructions to eat six times daily, to eat your protein, or that you can’t eat your vegetables or protein with your fruit. God created the Garden and it was good, and He told man to eat of the Garden. And there were green plants and fruit-bearing trees, and that’s what sustained man. And the way that the Garden was organized gave man freedom and that’s the one thing we don’t have today. We have rules, regulations, guilt, sacrifice and deprivation tied into our food. God planned food to be eaten with abundance, joy, and gratitude. Adam and Eve recognized that it was God who provided the sun and the rain, and that the food growing was from God’s wonderful provision and infinite mind that created incredible colors, textures and tastes, and allowed food to always be enjoyable.

That’s how our food should be! When you’re eating a round blueberry or a red strawberry or delicate raspberry, you should look at it and think, Wow! Look what God packed into this little package! When we make plant-based food at our home, we eat in abundance, we love the food we eat, and we’re grateful to my wife for cooking for us and to the Lord for His provision. We also have freedom: we have no rules or regulations around food, no guilt, we don’t feel deprived, and we’re not making sacrifices. We understand that the food that was created by the world is not by the hand of God, that it is inferior and leads to insufficient nutrition for our bodies, and actually harms our bodies. And so we don’t have a desire to eat that food. In fact, we’re at a wonderful place now where if we do eat that food, we feel sick.

Through the biblical lens we also gain freedom and excitement as we realize we’re getting more than we’re actually giving up. We don’t have to worry about counting calories, sneaking or hiding food, the guilt that we ate too much, or trying to work off extra calories; that’s never what God intended. We gain a joyful journey because God promises that His yoke and His burden will always be light.

Blog By: Dr. Scott Stoll

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