Finish It!

Finish It!

One of the scriptures we love to quote is when Jesus said, “It is finished.” At that moment Jesus finished His work as the sacrificial Lamb providing atonement for the sins of the world. Aren’t you thankful that Jesus finished His work? What if He would have stopped after His beating? But thanks be to God He finished the work and now we can have life and life more abundantly.

But what about your work? What has God told you to do? What has He laid upon your heart? I want to challenge you today that whatever God has placed into your heart, finish it! Don’t let this last month of the year be a month of waiting upon a new year, but finishing the work the Father has given you in order for you to start fresh in 2014. How many years have we carried over New Years Resolutions? Let’s inquire of God to give us the grace and strength to accomplish the task at hand.

Have you procrastinated on making things right with a loved one? Get over your pride and dial that number. Did God ask you to fast a certain amount of days or meals? Push the plate back, He will get serious with you when you get serious with Him. Don’t carry resolutions for this year into the new year continual the cycle of unfinished business.

Remember your obedience or lack of disobedience is affecting the people currently connected to you and the ones God wants to connect with you. How many people are in a holding pattern right now, because you won’t make a move. I got two words for you…FINISH IT!

Let’s roll into 2014 with a refreshed spirit knowing you have finished some things and say, “Lord, I’m ready to do your will!”

Mark Casto

By: Mark Casto

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