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Embracing the World With the Love of Jesus

Deep within the heart of every man is a God-given desire for relationship. This is the way we were created. Many times we attempt to develop relationships out of our natural reason and understanding. However, the frailty of those relationships brings great disappointment.

The Bible teaches us the principle of covenant relationships; relationships that are bound together by the love of God and love for one another. This is how the institution of marriage was conceived in the heart of the Father and is to be enjoyed between a man and woman.

Having been in the ministry for over 37 years, I began to notice a void in the area of relationship-building and networking in the Kingdom of God. There were pockets, groups and fellowships that were moving somewhat in this area, but there still seemed to be a cry globally for something more transparent and more relevant.

In 1996 the Lord brought about a shift in our ministry. After functioning as a Senior Pastor for 21 years, we began an itinerant ministry which enlarged our circle of influence even more. By 1998 I had experienced many others who had the same passion that was in my heart, which was to have men and women of God that could and would mutually submit to one another, walking together in commonality of purpose. Therefore, I began to have round-table discussions and meetings with those in the five-fold ministry. These were truly times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord…iron sharpening iron.

In 2003 we organized our first international conference, which has become an annual event. It was small and intimate, but successful. From that first gathering, Global Harvest International Fellowship (GHIF) was birthed. It is truly a testament of what God can do with small beginnings.

Over the past 9 years, GHIF has grown exponentially from a handful of ministers who met in Atlanta, Georgia into a worldwide network. Built totally upon the premise of networking and relationship-building GHIF now represents eight separate evangelical Christian reformations with over 4,000 churches serving the needs of multiple scores of thousands of Christians in over 40 nations throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. I still stand amazed at the unfolding of such a miracle. Truly, this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Through these relationships we are now able to facilitate missions outreach. Many ministers and ministries that have never traveled outside the USA are now actively involved in taking the Gospel to nations around the world. We also license and ordain ministers, give oversight to churches and consecrate bishops. Yet, our foundation remains secure, the golden thread of networking and relationship-building are seen in the fabric of everything we do. It is our determination to encourage those that have been discouraged or disenfranchised. We practice the teachings of the Apostle James and bring restoration to those who have been through battles and storms, whose resolve has been weakened, and others have left them as castaways.

As a result of linking arms with those of like precious faith, new frontiers of ministry have been opened to us globally. We have experienced through this process signs, wonders and miracles as promised in the book of Acts. Recently, while ministering in Nigeria, the miraculous was so profound that an entire section of deaf people were instantly healed by the power of God. During another crusade a man brought his son wrapped in chains. For years he had been to hospitals, mental institutions and psychiatrists and yet grew worse. Because of the violence he would often manifest, his parents had kept him incarcerated in a single room, in a cage, for over 8 years. While others were experiencing the divine intervention of God, the Holy Ghost came upon him and delivered him in a moment’s time. He was restored to his right mind and his family as well.

In Honduras, God supernaturally moved and healed a lady whose leg had been shattered. Prior to accepting the Lord, she worked as a stripper in a nightclub in San Pedro Sula. One evening, a man entered the facility and began to randomly fire a high-powered rifle. She was hit 8 times in the same leg. After surgery the doctors said to her, “The damage is so severe you will never be able to use this leg again.” During our crusade she came forward for prayer, not for herself but for her child. Her daughter had been born deaf and dumb. The child was healed immediately. Such joy filled the heart of the mother that she began to leap and jump and praise God without any consideration of her disability. What a mighty God we serve!

In Guatemala City, a 9-year-old girl, born deaf and dumb was instantaneously healed by the power of God through the simple prayer of faith. These are just a few testimonies of recent miracles experienced through this ministry. The time would fail us to mention some raised from the dead, cancers healed, blood diseases cured, crippled limbs restored…not to mention all the thousands of souls that have been brought into the Kingdom of God. Because of the concept of relationship-building and networking we have been given the priceless privilege of “Embracing the world with the love of Jesus.” These are places our ministry would have never been involved and never had the opportunity to flourish, except for the concept that God gave us through the vehicle of Global Harvest International Fellowship.

I stand amazed today at the goodness of God. I’m both humbled and grateful by what He has done and the theme that God gave us in the beginning remains in tact today. “We are a fellowship bound together by God’s unconditional love for the purpose of building the Kingdom, developing relationships and protecting anointings through oversight, restoration and reconciliation.” I think it’s what makes this fellowship unique; it’s what makes us different than many others, even though it does not necessarily make us better. It gives us our own special distinction and identity. We do not charge an annual fee for membership; however, for those credentialed with the fellowship there is an annual renewal fee.

I had no aspirations of becoming an Archbishop, but God knew the plan. The only thing I knew was that in 1994 there was a stirring in my heart for something new. I had always had a desire to mentor and encourage people young in the ministry, those who felt a call of God on their life. Whether an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher, my heart was to teach and to train them. I never imagined what would happen as a result of those early days.

I guess what I’m trying to say to you today is this: “Don’t despise small beginnings.” God can take you from where you are today and launch you into a new dimension of ministry, anointing, passion and power to touch the world for His glory. I pray it will be so and that God will fulfill every dream He’s painted on the canvas of your heart.


By Kenneth W. McNatt. Archbishop

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