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Don’t Give Up – He’s a God of Second Chances

“You’ve blown it” is one of the biggest lies of the enemy.

Let’s face it – we all have a season (or seasons) in our lives we can look back on with pain, shame and regret; however, reflecting on the pain of our past will absolutely rob us of the POTENTIAL of our future…

…because we serve a God of Second Chances.

Peter flat out denied Christ – and 50 days later was anointed to preach a sermon where over 3,000 people received Christ (Acts 2).

Thomas doubted the resurrection, and in His time Jesus revealed Himself to Thomas…and Thomas spent the rest of his life spreading the Gospel.

Paul murdered people who confessed the name of Christ–but Jesus changed Him from a murderer to a miracle working evangelist.

We serve a God of Second Chances.

David committed adultery and murder – and yet went down in Scripture as a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22).

John Mark quit on his first missionary journey with Paul (Acts 13:13) – and yet Paul, in the latter years of his ministry asked for him by name, saying he was helpful to his ministry (II Timothy 4:11).

Rahab was a prostitute – but, because of the grace of God is found in the lineage of Jesus (Matthew 1:5).

We serve a God of Second Chances.

Noah was a drunk (Genesis 9:20-21) and yet is remembered as the man who built the ark.

James & John were self-centered (Mark 10:35-37) and yet were transformed and used by Jesus in such a way that children are named after them today.

Lazarus was DEAD (John 11), Noah was a murderer (Exodus 2:11-12) and Abraham was so much into self preservation that he pimped out his wife (Genesis 12:10-12)…and yet these men are heroes of the faith, NOT because of their greatness–but because of a God of Second Chances.

Knowing that God is a God of Second Chances doesn’t give us an excuse to sin – but rather the power to break free from it.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done – if you are still alive then God STILL has a plan for your life, and it is far greater than anything you could ever imagine.

Everyone deserves a Second Chance – and I absolutely cannot wait to start a church that helps people find theirs!

PS – for those asking about Second Chance Church–be patient.  Jesus said in order for something to stand, it has to have a solid foundation (Matthew 7:24-27) – it takes time to build a staff, build a volunteer culture, find facilities and launch services.

Many have asked, “What can we do in the meantime in order to help things move along?”

Two major things:

1 – Pray – pray that the Lord will open doors, that His favor will be all over us and that we will be able to reach people far from God with the life giving message of the Gospel.

2 – Give – I’ve had several people asking about giving to Second Chance Church, you can do so online at our website.  (We are officially a non-profit, so gifts are tax deductible–you can give online by going to the word “give” in the upper right hand corner.)

And…for those who think you’ve blown it, it’s over and God wants nothing to do with you – don’t worry – He specializes in taking a MESS and turning it into a MIRACLE!

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