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Five Benefits of Having a Ministry Game Plan

As we just watched an AMAZING opening weekend of college football I was reminded of how important developing a game plan is, specifically in regards to ministry.

Here are five specific benefits associated with having a game plan…

#1 – It Causes You To Evaluate What You Have

When a team develops a game plan it has to begin with the players they have, and the specific ability of those particular players.

For example, a team who has a running quarterback should not attempt to develop a passing attack offense because it goes against the natural strength the team has.

One of the traps we can fall into in ministry is spending so much time wishing we had something…and in doing so we lose sight of the amazing people and resources The Lord has already given us.

#2 – It Rallies The Team Around A Specific Vision

When a team is presented with a game plan everyone on the team knows their roles and goals – and because of this they are able to step out and execute instead of simply staying in the huddle and discussing the philosophical ideas behind the game of football.

There is NOTHING like having your staff and volunteers rallied around a specific vision – when people know WHAT you want to accomplish, WHY you want to accomplish it, HOW it’s going to be done and WHAT their specific role is then you are able to run up the score in ways you never imagined possible.

#3 – It Prevents A Set Back From Becoming A Shut Down

Every team that hits the field in the game of football has a set back – the other team has a big play, or there may be key injury – whatever the case may be a game plan allows the team the opportunity to focus on what they can do rather than what has been done to them.

All of us have experienced a set back in ministry; however, all too often ministry leaders allow set backs to shut down their progress…
It doesn’t have to be that way!!!

When we develop a game plan we can actually take the set backs and use them as set ups for something greater than we ever imagined.

#4 – It Takes The Emotion Out Of Decision Making

Once I had the opportunity to talk to Coach Dabo Swinney about his opinion of having a game plan for his team – and he told me he loves a game plan because it takes the emotion out of decision making.  He went on to explain that football is a highly emotional sport – and when we get too emotional it severely hinders our ability to make rational decisions.  The reason he was able to call the winning play against Alabama in the National Championship Game was because it was the play the game plan called for.

As ministry leaders we deal with emotional decisions all of the time.  I can remember Andy Stanley saying one time, “We need to make the decision before we have to actually make the decision.”  That is exactly what a game plan allows us to do.

#5 – It Focuses Our Time And Attention On What Is Important

When a football team gets together for practice they have specific things they want to place an emphasis on and certain areas that need intense focus if they want to win their next game.  Everything they do is intentional, not accidental.

If we are not careful in ministry we can allow the immediate to crowd out what’s important – and we spend our day putting out fires rather than setting ourselves and our teams ON FIRE!

A game plan will allow YOU to define what is important for YOUR team and YOUR church – and having one will allow you to make progress in ways you never imagined.

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