One of the great joys I ever had in ministry is working on, and being a part of, a team! Especially a team that is winning! All of us love working side-by-side with staff and volunteers to experience God work by changing lives! Few things are as satisfying as a team that is able to accomplish something great.

But do you know what often separates a “good” team from a “GREAT” team?

Answer: The Coach!

It’s not solely about the players or the talent on the team, but the ability of the Coach to get the most out of each individual while bringing the team together.

The right Coach can literally change the game! Here’s 7 ways how:

Encouragement – A great Coach knows that encouragement is the fuel that inspires his players to get better.
Increased Performance – A Coach isn’t content with the status quo; they’re committed to getting the best out of their team and players to perform at a higher level.
Accountability – By the same token, a Coach brings great accountability to ensure that the team is striving towards their goals instead of “taking plays off.”
New Ideas – A Coach will offer ideas and perspective that the players aren’t always aware of, thus allowing for innovation and improvement.
Maximizing Strengths, Minimizing Weaknesses – A Coach is able to help his player’s tap into their own strengths and minimize their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Strategy – The Coach knows that without strategy, vision and dreams will fall flat. So the Coach develops strategy the players can buy-in to and execute to achieve their goals.
Confidence – One of the greatest things a Coach does is instill confidence in his players so they can go out and believe they have what it takes to get the job done!

We know the difference a Coach can make in YOUR ministry and for your team, which is why we created a brand new resource I believe will help you take your leadership and your ministry to the next level.

You might be thinking, “This sounds great, but is it for me?” No matter your role on your team – whether you’re the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Student or Children’s Ministry Staff – this Coaching will help you become a better, stronger leader and ultimately a better teammate!  I promise you will benefit from this Coaching!

So don’t wait, take action today and register for this round of leadership coaching—which includes over 20 videos, 13 downloadable PDF’s and a ton of information you and your team can walk through together.

The early bird rate of $199 ends THIS FRIDAY (May 12) at midnight (afterwards the price increases to $249).  Go here to invest in your leadership (or if you just want to see more information!)  I can promise you it will be well worth the investment.

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